Analysis Brand Innovation Tracker: June

Analysis shows how brands in automotive, footwear & retail are perceived in terms of innovation (and that luxury might be dead)

Loyalty & Membership How Chatbots Are Advancing Customer Care

Virtual assistants equipped with natural language processing are answering customer inquiries and screening calls for human staff members

Design An Algorithm Designs the Optimal Bow

Collaboration between artist and machine creates beautiful, functional archery

Design 3D Printing Football Helmets at Microscopic Levels

Autodesk's Senior Research Scientist on cloud-computing aided design processes

Gaming & Play 3D-Printed Outfits Responds to the Male (or Female) Gaze

The 3D-printed wearable Caress of the Gaze promises a new human mating ritual

Innovation From Inside a Shipping Container, Autodesk Gives Life to Robot Prototypes

The 5,000 sq ft robotics lab, designed by Lundberg Design, houses a mobile-controlled conference table that display pieces of code

Automate Being a Great Boss

Awesome Boss is a social engineering app for busy supervisors

Work Artist Mimics a Synchronized Water Show with String

DIY freestanding ‘fountain’ uses yarn and an electric motor

Partner Content What The Maker Movement Will Mean For Consumers & Brands

An expert panel discusses the themes driving the maker movement

Advertising Autodesk Makes Key Software Free for Educators

Engineering software giant gives away AutoCAD to schools, educators and students worldwide

Home Why The Hotel Lobby Is The Office Of The Future

The hotel's public spaces can be dynamically redefined to meet the needs of the untethered workforce of modern professionals.

Innovation MakerBot Aims To Bring 3D-Printing Into America’s Classrooms

Obama says 3D printers could spark the next industrial revolution.

Technology 3D Printing Body Parts

Organovo Holdings has announced a partnership with Autodesk to create the first 3D design software for bioprinting.

Technology Send Texts From Your Pocket With Handy Ring

The ‘Magic Finger’ is an input device that lets people control a smartphone or a computer by using different surface textures as touch interfaces.