Food & Beverage Automatic Draft Beer System Helps Serve The Perfect Pint

Taptronics is an Internet-connected smart device that collects sales, inventory and beer quality data

Home PSFK's Gift Guide: Top Items For Personal Tracking

Help your friend off to a healthy new year with these gifts that quantify daily habits.

Technology Plugin Device Monitors Vehicle Health And Alerts Drivers [Video]

Automatic is a small device that syncs car information to mobile phones.

Design Hack Alters Web Text Depending On How Far Users Are From The Screen

A project in development creates responsive typography software that tracks your distance from the monitor and adjusts accordingly.

Innovation Fish-Shaped Robots Patrol The Waters For Pollution

The SHOAL robots, developed by BMT Group, are equipped with chemical sensors that can send real-time data about the pollution levels in large bodies of water.

Retail Former MySpace Bigwig Creates Subscription-Based Clothing Kits For Growing Kids

Wittlebee automatically ships you a customized box of children's essentials each month.

Germany Plans Legal Action Against Facebook Over Facial Recognition [Headlines]

Germany finds Facebook's facial recognition technology a breech of privacy and data protection laws.

Work Manchester Exhibit Transforms Mundane Office Machinery [Video]

The administrative machines of daily life provide inspiration for playful interactive exhibits.