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Analysis Interview: How An AI Robotics Company Is Pioneering A Future Of Autonomous Delivery

Nuro co-founder and president Dave Ferguson explains why automated delivery for consumer goods like grocery and beyond is poised to provide next-level accessibility and convenience at reduced cost, all while improving safety, creating jobs and reducing pollution

Automotive Muji Helped Design A Weather-Proof Autonomous Shuttle Bus

The Japanese retailer known for its minimalist aesthetic helped design a self-driving bus called Gacha, created with safety in mind and put to the test in Finland's most hazardous weather conditions

Delivery & Logistics Self-Driving Grocery Service Brings The Store Straight To Shoppers' Homes

AutoX created an AI-enabled service that allows customers to either pre-order their groceries to be delivered or shop a pre-loaded autonomous vehicle in the privacy of their own residence

Automotive Volkswagen's Latest Concept Car Is Voice-Controlled

Drivers operate the I.D. Vizzion by interacting with its digital chauffeur

Design Smart's Autonomous Concept Car Can Be Used Without A Drivers License

The smart vision EQ fortwo does away with traditional driving controls

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel IBM Watson-Powered Autonomous Bus Aims To Cure City Traffic

Passengers can interact with arguably the world's smartest bus driver

Technology Autonomous Car Concept is Driven by a Robotic Arm Steering Wheel

The flexible feature allows either the right or left side passenger to steer