autonomous driving

Automotive Renault Test-Runs Public Transportation Program Using Self-Driving Cars

Bullish on autonomous driving, the French automaker is piloting a program that uses a small fleet of autonomous cars that can be summoned via a mobile app, hoping to one day improve public transit for the people of French city Rouen

Retail Self-Driving Convenience Store Is Staffed By Artificial Intelligence

This futuristic convenience store is fully autonomous, self-driving, staffed by AI and energy efficient

Design MIT Researchers Are Designing An Autonomous Wheelchair

The self-driving chair will have the capability to map out a general area to then have drivers choose where they'd like to go

Automotive Renault Is Planning To Release Its Hardware As An Open-Source Automotive Platform

The POM is a compact and lightweight electric vehicle with the bodywork parts removed

Automotive Faraday Future's First Tech-Loaded Car Tries To Redefine The Future Of Mobility

The sedan-wagon-crossover vehicle incorporates more than 30 cameras and sensors

Advertising Volkswagen Showcases Their Vision Of Our Electrified Future

The automaker says they have created the Beetle of the 21st century