autonomous vehicle

Automotive Moby Psi Enables Off-Grid Retail With Staffless, Self-Driving Store Mobiles

Using technology to bridge classic convenience stores with modern buying behavior, Moby is taking the brick-and-mortar experience on the road and to remote locations

Delivery & Logistics Urban Delivery Robots Make An Appearance At CES 2018

E-Novia's YAPE is the latest in a growing crop of self-driving delivery robots

Cafe & Restaurant Honda's New Concept Car Is A Detachable Living Room That Drives

Ie-Mobi blurs the line between livable space and transportation with autonomous driving

Retail Self-Driving Shuttle Drives People Around In This Solar-Powered Town

Babcock Ranch is completely run by solar power and is now using a driverless shuttle to help residents get around

Design Interactive Exhibit In Seoul Imagines The Future Of Cities

Digital artists created an exhibit called Driver Less Vision that explores what an autonomous vehicle may see as it drives through the streets of Seoul

Home Renault Reveals Concept For A Connected Home And Electric Car

The car's interior would mirror that of a multi-purpose living room and operate as an extension of the house

Health Future Of Health: Rethinking Healthcare Engagement And Service Delivery

Our partners at Artefact Group developed a concept to reimagine how patients can gain access to health services using AI, AR and autonomous vehicles

Technology Autonomous Vehicle And Drone Perform Mobile Surveillance

O-R3 uses a four-wheeled ground unit and flying drone to act as a robot security patrol team

Automotive A Semi-Autonomous Audi Will Let Drivers Watch Television At The Wheel

Audi announced the new 2018 A8 with semi-autonomous features, which allow drivers to take their hands off the wheel in traffic

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Autonomous Vehicle Interior Transforms For Meetings Or Socializing

Passengers can select different interior modes prior to being picked up by the self-driving car

Design VW's Autonomous Vehicle Concept Is 'Driven' With A Key Fob

Sedric is a new mobility design can be hailed with a unique piece of hardware

Automotive Concept Showcases A Vision For The Future Of Ridesharing

With carpooling gaining momentum, IDEO has imagined a future for this means of transport

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Concept Van Acts As A Mobile TSA Security Checkpoint

Skip the line with this autonomous vehicle concept that hastens the security-screening process

Automotive Audi And LEGO Exhibit An Autonomous Vehicle Installation

The installation at Design Miami explores the 25th hour, which represents bonus productive work or play time