autonomous vehicles

Delivery & Logistics Future Walmart Shoppers Might Receive Their Groceries Via Driverless Delivery

The American mega retailer is aiming to dominate the future of on-demand delivery, rivaling last-mile efforts from competitors like Amazon with tests of autonomous grocery delivery that could democratize the service for the mainstream

Automotive Driverless Buses Are Hitting The Streets Of Stockholm

Part of a six-month pilot, these public transport vehicles are free of drivers and steering wheels, relying instead on a GPS system and traffic sensors

Automotive Nvidia Takes Autonomous Driving To The Next Level Using Virtual Reality

The company demoed technology that allows drivers to operate an autonomous car remotely using a VR setup

Automotive AI Tracks The Emotional State Of Passengers In Autonomous Cars

Affectiva projects that emotion-tracking AI could improve the passenger experience as well as safety

Design Renault Mobility Concept Improves Transit Experience For People With Disabilities

The unique hatch door design of the autonomous EZ-GO makes getting in and out easy for anyone

Automotive Audi Car-Drone Hybrid Explores The Future Of Flying Taxis

This autonomous mobility concept from the Geneva Motor Show could dodge traffic by air or navigate tight streets as a microcar

Design Electrification And Autonomy Stand Out At The 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Self-driving mobility concepts and zero-emission vehicles outnumbered traditional petrol-powered debuts

Automotive The First Self-Driving Car Fleet Is Open To The Public In China released an autonomous ride-hailing service open for general ridership

Delivery & Logistics Autonomous Produce Van Could Deliver Fruits and Vegetables On Demand

Robomart aims to become world's first self-driving produce stand

Advertising Nissan Outfits Japanese Inn With Self-Parking Slippers

Using a miniaturized version of Nissan's autonomous vehicle parking technology, these slippers are never out of place

Automotive GM Prepares To Introduce Its First Car With No Steering Wheel

A safety petition for the Cruise AV—which has no steering wheel or pedals—hints at a forthcoming autonomous car sharing service

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Driverless Toyota Shuttle Could Transport Goods For Amazon And Pizza Hut

The autonomous concept is a flexible, purpose-built vehicle for retailers and services

Retail Waymo Is Figuring Out How To Insure Self-Driving Cars

As self-driving cars become more of a reality, Waymo is forming partnerships to insure them

Design A Former Navy Airfield Near Boston Will Be Turned Into A Smart City

The planned development will be home to self-driving cars and shuttles as well as green space and units for offices and residents