Advertising Op-Ed: Why Brands Should Bet On Virtual Influencers

Author Jamin Warren traces the beginnings of virtual influencers back to the appearance of avatars, explaining why these synthetic characters don't have to be 'real' as much as they have to convey an authentic and coherent identity that clearly personifies a brand

Retail Interactive Digital Avatars Respond To Your Emotions In Real Time

The avatars can mimic human body language and react appropriately to happiness or sadness

Design Are Hyper-Realistic Avatars the Future of VR Experiences?

Bridging the gap between reality and VR with likenesses as lifelike as the worlds they inhabit

Design Overweight Avatars Provide Reality Check For American Men [Pics]

Graphic designer takes the spotlight off women and make men take a look at the state of their bodies.

Gaming & Play Freddie Laker: How To Make People Accept Avatars

How to get over the uncanny feelings that digital versions of humans create.

Technology Airport Avatars Can Tell If Travelers Are Lying

A lie detector kiosk can identify whether flyers are telling the truth through their facial expressions, eye movement, and verbal responses.

Advertising Tool Turns Digital Text Into Realistic, Human Video Avatar

Seyyer brings Ronald Reagan 'back to life' as an election commentator with their new technology.

Innovation Zynga-Style Facebook Game Uses Your Family Ancestry To Create Characters

Family Village helps people discover their personal family history and create avatars of their ancestors.

Technology Researchers Develop Mind-Controlled Robot

Scientist in Herzliya, Israel have developed an 'Avatar'-like computer interface that enabled a droid that was 1800 miles away to be moved using brain waves.

Innovation Paralyzed Patient Moves Robot With Their Mind

Scientists in Switzerland have demonstrated a robot that can be controlled by a quadriplegic wearing an EEG cap fitted with electrodes.

Gaming & Play Go Shopping On Facebook In A 3D Virtual World

Yogurtistan's online retail universe lets users create and customize an avatar, interact with others and make purchases.

Design US Army To Build Virtual World As Training Ground

The military is taking inspiration from Second Life to develop a virtual simulation for soldiers.

Advertising Selling To Avatars

In his weekly Consumed column in the NY Times magazine, Rob Walker has provided a great back-to-basics guide to Second Life - for all you folk who just need a recap - with some insights into how brands (real world and Second Life) can benefit the residents.