back to the future

Design Barbarian Boss: Driving Purchase Intent With Interactive Displays

Keith Butters discusses how dynamic and educational experiences help convert shoppers into buyers

Technology "Back To The Future" Power Laces Herald Quantum Wave of Shoe Tech

Marty McFly's self-lacing sneaks will soon be thing of the present, along with advances in Nike shoe technology

Advertising Volkswagen Uses Facebook For Nostalgic Golf GTI Launch

The car company has created a campaign with a 'Back to the Future' feel to celebrate its upcoming 35th anniversary.

Home DeLorean's Retro Gull-Winged Car Goes Electric

The iconic DMC-12 sports car will be converted into an electric vehicle.

Advertising The Full Story Of The Nike MAG [Video]

A new short film gives some backstory on the creation of the futuristic shoe and its association with Back to the Future.

Design Ikea Manuals For Sci-Fi TV And Films [Pics]

College Humor contributors design humorous Ikea manuals for a T-Rex, a Tardis, a Lightsaber, and a DeLorean.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Horse-Drawn Waste Pickup In France

A number of French towns have looked to the past for inspiration, replacing automobiles with horse-drawn wagons to collect the trash and recycling.

Video (Video) Levitation Aesthetics

A levitating light bulb uses wireless energy.

Innovation Power Laces 2.0: Auto Lacing Shoe Gets An Upgrade

Shoes originally inspired by a cult sci-fi movie have been modified with new improvements.

Design (Pics) Igarashi Design's New Concept Vehicles

Colorful transportation devices that move us further into compact design.