Design Pioneer Of Humanability: Christina Agapakis

In an interview with PSFK, working in collaboration with Verizon, Christina Agapakis reflects on how her work as Ginkgo Bioworks is helping us build a more equitable and sustainable future by designing custom microbes

Fashion & Apparel 'Living' Puma Shoes Alert Wearers Of Fatigue In Real Time

Biotech sneakers created with MIT Design Lab use reactive microorganisms to personalize performance for the wearer

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services IBM Scan-Tech Uses AI & Blockchain To Prevent Counterfeiting

Called the Crypto Anchor Verifier, the device can be used with a cell phone camera, and showcases new possibilities for blockchain applications from the tech company

Design Bio-Fabrication Could Be The Future Of The Fashion Industry

Parley for the Oceans is teaming up Biofabricate to work on developing naturally-sourced alternative to plastic for a cleaner Earth

Health Modern Biohacker Is Enabling Anyone To Experiment With Their DNA

Biohacker Josiah Zayner wants to build a future where humans can modify their own genetics structure

Fashion & Apparel Wasteful Gases Turn Into Fully Functional Clothing

Mango Materials converts methane into a wearable material that breaks back down to methane to start the process all over again

Technology The Origins of Gene Editing: Why Manipulating Genes is Nothing New

Dr. André Choulika, CEO of gene editing company Cellectis, discusses how humanity has been manipulating genes for millennia without realizing it

Cafe & Restaurant These Bed Sheets Are Infused With Coffee To Eliminate Odors

The Ettitude bed set contains bamboo and coffee grounds to reduce moisture and odors

Home Lamp Harvests Energy From Plants

Living Light aims to create a new connection between humans, nature and technology

Advertising Creative Advertisement Crafted From Bacteria-Filled Petri Dishes

The Creative Factory is rethinking traditional advertising methods with their new campaign for soap brand Lifebouy

Technology Fabrics Harnesses Bacteria To Glow For Hours

Designer Victoria Geaney has discovered a method that bacteria to add a bioluminescent glow to her apparel

Consumer Goods Electricity-Free Lamp Is Powered by Octopus Bacteria

Dutch designer Teresa Van Dongen has merged design and biology in her new project

Health Pillowcase With Silver-Coated Fibers Gives You A Cleaner Night's Sleep

The technology is 99 percent effective in controlling bacteria on the fabric surface

Innovation Microbial Associates Offer Executive Training for Bacteria

The latest project from artist Jonathon Keats aims to certify approximately 100 billion bacteria in fields like management, finance and product development