Automotive Alibaba Customers Can Shop By Voice While They Drive

The mega etailer recently announced its development of apps that will connect drivers to its ecommerce hub, letting them drive and shop on command

Delivery & Logistics Arizona Residents Can Order Walmart Groceries For Autonomous Delivery

Walmart is partnering with two tech companies to pilot driverless grocery delivery in select Arizona locations

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel High-Tech Accommodation Features In China Are Improving Hotel Experiences For Guests

Several international hospitality chains are catering to needs of consumers in China for more automated service offerings, providing amenities like voice control capabilities and facial-recognition check-in

Health How Chat Interfaces Streamline Healthcare Service

From medical chatbots to AI-powered apps that use machine learning and natural language processing, new ways to provide patients with better and faster treatment are making over the healthcare industry

Advertising Coca-Cola's AR Cans Take Customers On A Trip Through China

Each can unlocks an AR-animated city mascot for each of the 23 cities in China when scanned with a smartphone

Technology Baidu's Pocket-Sized Device Can Translate Speech In Real Time

The Chinese search engine is developing a universal translator that uses its deep-learning neural networks to translate spoken languages instantly

Health How Chatbots Are Helping Patients Seek Better Treatment

Healthcare providers are adopting chatbots to provide an accessible and efficient first touchpoint for patients

Design Baidu Unveiled A New Home Robot And Smart Speaker

Baidu launches a new line of home robot products with the first hitting the market in December

Health How AI Is Crunching Big Data To Improve Healthcare Outcomes

PSFK's Future of Health looks into all the ways artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare

Retail KFC China Is Using Facial Recognition To Recommend Menu Items

The fast food franchise is leveraging a special device to help customers choose their meal by age, mood, and gender

Advertising Brands Must Adapt to a Constellation of Virtual Assistants

As shown by Baidu's virtual assistant announcement, tech giants are racing to humanize technology—but what are the implications for you?

Home Top Five Health Innovations of the Week

This week’s innovations include a haptic mattress that helps premature babies feel their mother’s heartbeat and a portable sensor that quickly tests foods for allergens