Technology Sex-Less Porn Films Focus On Storylines [Videos]

Attempted ban on adult entertainment inspires a very cheesy alternative.

Advertising 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Facebook rumored to have shortchanged the UK Treasury, Anonymous collective leaves WikiLeaks and Apple's ban against Samsung's Galaxy Nexus is overturned in court...Links to start your day with.

Design 16 Stories You Need To Know Today

Disney serving alcohol in the Magic Kingdom, Americans spending most internet time on Facebook, and Google Maps track our summer vactions...Links to start your day with.

Home Government Decides Against Shutting Down Social Media In Crises [Headlines]

The government is no longer interested in shutting down social networks during times of crises. Instead, they're focusing on how Facebook and Twitter could be used in emergencies.

Innovation Italy Approves Draft Law To Ban Burqa [Headlines]

Law moves country closer to joining France, Belgium and parts of Spain in outlawing face-covering in public.

Advertising Chechnya Says Energy Drinks Are Un-Islamic [Headlines]

The former Russian nation believes that the hyper-caffeinated drinks are immoral and bans the sale of them to 18-year-olds.

Is The Internet America's Greatest Weapon? [Headlines]

The President of Belarus pushes a statewide ban on Facebook in an effort to prevent protesters to organize their political protests via the social media outlet.

Luxury Philip Morris Sues Over Australian Plans To Ban Logos From Cigarette Packets [Headlines]

Australian government plans to replace tobacco companies' branding with grisly images of the consequences of smoking.

Innovation Ontario's Pesticides Ban A Resounding Success

The province has seen a dramatic improvement in ecosystem health due to the year-old law.

Gaming & Play South Korea Imposing Gaming Ban To Prevent Addiction

South Korea is planning to impose a ban on kids playing video games past midnight.