Entertainment Listen To The New Gorillaz Album In A Virtual House Party

The group launched a new application for fans to explore the house the band lives in, which will serve to debut their new album for those who have it downloaded

Design A New Typeface Was Created To Promote This Record

Jérémy Landes created the text for Frànçois & the Atlas Mountain's latest album

Advertising Tumblr-Generated Music Video Presents A New Film Every Time [Pics]

An interactive video that is never the same for two different viewers

Technology Beer-Opener Flash Drive Holds Rock Band's Latest Album

Queens of the Stone Age have released their new musical offering on a flash drive that includes additional content.

Innovation Band Captures The Sound Of The Northern Lights

US alternative rock band, OK Go, have collaborated with Sony to create musical innovation.

Video Crowdsourced Music Video Records Viewers' Cursors In Real-Time

Light Light asks fans to join in for their latest online campaign.

Advertising Band Releases New Album As A Mobile Phone ‘Virus’

To listen to the Kaizers Orchestra’s 'Violeta Violeta Vol.3' listeners had to get ‘infected’ by the songs via an app.

Work Puma Running Shoe Expands And Contracts With Wearer’s Steps

The Mobium Elite promotes "adaptive running" and features a band that enhances the foot's natural spring.

Technology How Is Pandora Changing The Live Music Experience?

Online radio station will now be bringing concerts and additional content to web listeners providing en enhanced interaction.

Design New Gadget Let You Produce Extreme Close Ups With Your Smartphone

The Macro Cell Lens Band straps onto any smartphone camera to produce stunning detail shots.

Technology Indie Labels On Spotify Only Make 4 Cents Per Album Play

Indie bands and artists on Spotify aren't making enough to be sustainable. As a result, a lot of indie labels are quitting the service.

Advertising 'TV On The Radio' Play Secret Show In NYC For Heineken [Video]

Indie rock band, TV on the Radio, played a free concert high above a NY crowd last night.

Technology Blink-182 Rewards YouTube Copyright Infringers [video]

The video for the pop-punk band's latest single feature footage of fans who have used there music without permission on YouTube.

Luxury Bluebrain's Location-Aware Album

An innovative music album exists in a mobile app that plays songs based on the users' location in The National Mall, Washington, D.C.