Innovation Complete Odd Jobs In Exchange For Health Care

A new program allows low-income patients in Maine, USA to pay for their medical services by doing various chores.

Advertising 'Time Store' In The Netherlands Rejects Money As Currency

The 'time store' located in the Maastricht is based on the idea that people can barter directly for goods and services, cutting out the need for money.

Design Art Barter: Building A Platform Of Exchange Between Artists And The Public

Through anonymous exchange, an intimate relationship becomes built between stranger and artist.

Technology The Growth of Bartering Network OurGoods

Describing each of their available projects as 'adventures' the network now lists a population of 798 hungry members with a service which brokers partners, skills and labor.

Home Home Gardeners Supply Local Products Through Barter System

A shop in Auckland has implemented a system where residents can donate produce in exchange for gelato.

Retail A Curated Swap Meet: Score Something! Pop-Up Swap

An interesting event that's part party, and part swap meet brings together people with unused items to trade.

Design Haitians Pioneer Biofuel Production Model

Following Haiti's devastating earthquake, new methodologies for organic and economic growth quickly began to sprout.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Dutch Musician Traveling Europe By Generosity

Tjerk Ridder is relying on the generosity of volunteers to give him a tow and help him along his way.

Retail Trade School: Experts Offer Knowledge In Exchange For Bartered Items

OurGoods is a community network that operates through the barter of goods and services.

Work Turin's No Money Marketplace

The Regali Senza Moneta (or Gifts Without Money) initiative, is a barter-based marketplace located in Turin, Italy.