Design Outdoor Barbecue Designed as a Work of Art

French company develops a sci-fi grill with a staggering price tag

Design Ultra-Light Barbecue Folds Up Like An Umbrella

Grillo is a convenient and compact take on outdoor cooking that you can carry on your back.

Innovation Barbeque Stays Cool To The Touch To Prevent Burns

British designer John Tomalin-Reeves developed the Halo Cooltouch, which doesn't get hot on the outside even when the food is cooking inside.

Work Bike Storage Doubles As Co-Working Cafe

A new multi-functional building in Germany offers up more than just a safe place for your ride.

Innovation PSFK Gift Of The Day: Flower Pot Mini Grill [Pics]

Clever product encourages people to eat what they grow.

Advertising Become A Real Mayor For The Day With Grill Mates

Foursquare-based campaign awards the person with the most check-ins to their BBQ the title of honorary mayor of Hunt Valley for one day.

Design Flat Pack Sustainable Energy: Cooking With Sun Power

French renewable energy company Green Cook Solar have engineered a unique solar oven, the COOKUP200, which harnesses the power of parabolic solar reflection to cook food.

Advertising (Pics) Premiere Of Spike Jonze's Air Dancers

The director's unusual new installation was unveiled over the weekend.