Packaging & Product Engagement Beck's Upgrades Its Beer Can In An Effort To Appeal To Luxury-Oriented Consumers

The German brewery designed a new beer can that mimics the shape of a champagne flute in a move to differentiate itself from competitors as well as appeal to more sophisticated events

Advertising This Special Edition Beer Is Capped With A 360-Degree Lens

Beck's will give away CapCam beers to lucky fans on Facebook

Design Beck’s Beer Packaging Design Houses Bottles in a Boombox

Think Packaging conceptualizes a music-inspired way to pack the brew brand's beverages

Advertising Beck's Ads Play Local Songs When Touched

Beck's promotes New Zealand Music Month with an interactive display campaign.

Design Beer Bottle Plays Music Like A Turntable [Video]

Beck’s has created the Edison Bottle, which features Auckland band Ghost Wave’s song carved directly onto its surface.

Advertising PSFK Picks: Top Superbowl Ads To Watch

A roundup of our favorite ads that will air during Sunday's big game.

Design M.I.A. Revamps Beck’s Beer Labels

M.I.A. is designing the beer label for a limited edition bottle, along with five other artists from around the world.

Innovation Collaboration, Content And Communication: New Tools For The Creative Class [Sponsored]

PSFK gives an overview of new collaboration, content and communication tools that are empowering the new breed of creative professional [Sponsored].

Technology Beck's Global Augmented-Reality Art Gallery

A new art project from the beer merchants will create galleries that can be accessed worldwide through your iPhone.