Brand Activation & Immersion Tuft & Needle Mattress Showroom Enables A Phygital Path To Purchase

The mattress brand's showroom interior not only optimizes a private and enjoyable testing environment with choice design elements, but also features in-store online ordering only, delivering products straight to shoppers' doors

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Hilton Luxury Hostel Brand Provides Travelers With Fashionable Yet Affordable Stays

The hospitality company's Motto brand is designed to appeal to younger travelers, offering them lower-cost and flexible accommodations in prime urban areas to compete with alternatives like Airbnb

Home Furniture Startup Lets Consumers Of All Budgets Customize Their Purchases

The Inside, created by designer Christiane Lemieux, allows shoppers to design and order affordable furniture that is shipped within a 3-week time frame, making fast and bespoke furniture a reality

Luxury RFID Mattresses Charge Hoteliers Based On Usage

Elite Beds uses data tracking to make billing more accurate and manageable for hotels that purchase its mattresses while also ensuring top-notch sleeping quality for guests

Health How Optimized Ambience Is Helping To Improve Sleep Quality

From IoT mattresses to AI fragrance diffusers, brands are implementing the latest technologies to create innovative products aimed at optimizing people's sleep environment

Children Crate & Barrel Launched A Whimsical Brand Just For Kids

Crate & Kids is the home retailer's latest collection for little ones, including everything from furniture and bedding to toys and decor

Design Singapore Airlines Takes Hotel Rooms To The Sky

The airline has unveiled new luxury cabins with more space

Automotive These 'Moving Hotels' Are Reshaping The Megabus Industry

A San Francisco-based startup aims to kill sleeplessness aboard its otherwise arduous eight plus hour drives

Cafe & Restaurant These Bed Sheets Are Infused With Coffee To Eliminate Odors

The Ettitude bed set contains bamboo and coffee grounds to reduce moisture and odors

Millennials This Flexible, Space Saving Furniture Was Designed For City Living

Students who can't afford more than one piece of furniture in their room can use Nook for multiple purposes

Design Design Students Give Their Interpretation Of The Future Of Hotel Furniture

Students from ECAL presented their unique designs for what a hotel should provide for guests to give them a more comfortable experience

Consumer Goods This Smart Blanket Creates The Perfect Sleeping Temperature For Couples

The Smartduvet Breeze allows for either side of the bed to be heated or cooled to the ideal temperature without affecting their partner

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Holiday Inn Unveils A New Look For Millennial Travelers

The hospitality chain decided to try out a new room layout and wanted guests to have the most flexibility to alter how the room looked during their stay

Home This Shelter Is A Bed, Chair, Table And A Bag—All In One Handy Box

The Shelter Box from MIA Onlus is made to meet many basic needs for the homeless in a small, affordable package