beer bottles

Advertising QR Code Beer Bottles Help Singles Meet At The Bar [Video]

Harry’s Bar in Singapore wanted to make it easier for shy customers to connect so created tech to allow them to send anonymous messages via their drinks.

Design Las Vegas Building Constructed From Over 500,000 Collected Beer Bottles

Recycled material enough to fill eight football fields used to build this manufacturing facility.

Design Portable Bottle Cutter Turns Any Beer Bottle Into A Drinking Glass

For those who like to drink beer out of a glass, the Kinkajou Kickstarter project can make cups and vases from otherwise useless glass bottles.

Design M.I.A. Revamps Beck’s Beer Labels

M.I.A. is designing the beer label for a limited edition bottle, along with five other artists from around the world.

Advertising Limited Edition Corona Extra Bottles [Pics]

Colorful bottle packaging design features beaches, lakes and mountains for the brand's spring campaign.

Advertising Heineken And Union LA's 6-Pack Packaging [Pics]

Heineken and Union LA collaboration offers t-shirts packaged as a 6-pack of beer bottles.

Design Tuned Pale Ale: Exploring The Musical Potential In Everyday Objects

Matt Braun, a Philadelphia-based designer and DJ, has created a music making kit for beer drinkers.