behavioral economics

Analysis Interview: Why A Finance Management Platform Prioritizes Flexibility For Today's Active Retirees

Kindur VP of design & experience speaks to PSFK about how the digital platform works to increase transparency and accessibility when it comes to managing modern finances, designing user experiences in accordance with the behavior of today’s retirees to better meet their needs

Loyalty & Membership Why Companies Are Using Chatbots To Court New Customers

Chatbots guide first-time customers through unfamiliar products and services, allowing for more intuitive onboarding and fewer abandoned transactions

Retail Are Consumers Hard Wired For Deals? [Headlines]

New science suggests that shoppers have innate tendency to fall for bargains.

Advertising Time Warner Launches State Of The Art Consumer Behavior Lab [Headlines]

The media company will study how people understand, enjoy and consume media with new high tech space.

Technology The Psychology Of Social Shopping

Social Commerce Today considers how behavioral economics can inform social shopping strategies.

Work New Gym Plan Requires Members To Pay More If They Don't Work Out

A new concept gym uses behavioral economics to change how and when members pay to workout.

Design We All Want To Be Young

A short film seeks to capture what it means to be young today, and how youth has evolved across recent, past generations.

Advertising The Art & Science Of Procrastination

The New Yorker explores this curious habit.

Design Dan Ariely: Designing Systems To Help People Make Better Decisions

A decorated behavioral economist shares insights on what marketers, advertisers, and designers can learn from an understanding of our irrational nature.

Innovation This Week in Brand Strategy & Advertising

PSFK curates some of the brand strategy, digital and creative advertising news and ideas that caught our attention this past week.

Work Can Behavioral Economics Help Agency Creative?

Anyone employed in the marketing world has felt the frustration of recommending an engaging idea to a client, only to encounter pressure to excessively justify its relevance. Behavioral Economics can help ease the pain of that conversation by providing a specific model, and increase the likelihood of selling a strong, engaging idea.

Technology When Peer Pressure Shows Positive Results

It turns out that peer pressure might not always be such a bad thing after all, particularly when it causes us to act in beneficial ways. With the economy already affecting consumer spending habits, companies are increasingly looking at the ways behavioral economics can be influenced by public transparency and participation.