Fashion & Apparel Apparel E-Tailer Lets Shoppers Create Bespoke Clothing In Real Time

eShakti is enhancing the personalization of its online cx with a tool that lets customers alter neckline, sleeve and hem length in real time

Advertising Interview: Taco Bell Offers Fans Meme Culture-Inspired Holiday Merchandise Via Amazon

This holiday season, fans of tex-mex chain Taco Bell will be able to purchase branded gift wrap exclusively on Amazon Canada, part of the restaurant's efforts to maintain its reputation for fun and out-of-the-box activations

Brand Activation & Immersion Online Luxury Brand Offers Women On-Demand Bespoke Shirting

Careste is making made-to-measure premium shirts available to more customers, offering an online shop that tailors its silk button-downs precisely for the women who buy them

Merchandising & Curation Shoppers Can Design Their Own Jeans At Custom-Only Apparel Pop-Up

Currently running in NYC, Consortium is hosting a series of pop-ups that carry customizable brands only, allowing customers a unique and personalized shopping experience

Design Interview: Designing Products That Do More For Us

PSFK caught up with Janett Liriano and Madison Maxey, the visionaries behind fabrics that can heat, light, sense and gather data

Packaging & Product Engagement Op-Ed: Understanding What Consumers Want Without Ever Asking Them

With Coca-Cola launching four new flavors of Diet Coke, Black Swan Chief Strategy Officer Hugo Amos examines the power of social listening in brand strategy

Retail Futuristic 'Fitting Room' Captures 15,000 Measurements To Create Perfect Bespoke Clothing

ZOZOSUIT is a fitting room concept that uses a body suit to take exact measurements for personalized clothing

Technology This Store Is Trying To Give Shoppers A New Way To Buy Jeans

Unspun pop-ups flip the fashion retail model by creating a bespoke pair of pants for each person using a 3D imaging process

Beauty Perfume Startup Designs Scents For Brands

Experimental Perfume Club helps companies develop sensory marketing

Advertising Reebok Explores Formal Sportswear With A Suit Made Out Of Shoe Material

The Reebok Flexweave Suit brings the sports and fashion world together

Design Roundtable: How The Fashion Industry Has Gone Completely Full Circle in 200 Years

To get some crystal ball predictions for what the future of fashion  holds for PSFK's Fashion Debrief, we turned to a handful of experts

Interview The Key To Sustainable Fashion? Designers And AI Joining Forces

In our Fashion Debrief, we spoke to Jessica about how the future of fashion is not going to be a human 'OR' AI situation, but rather an 'AND'

Fashion & Apparel Fashion Startup Wants Customers To Be Able To Customize Every Item They Buy

LA-based fashion company Frilly is hoping to make garment customization mainstream

Consumer Goods Consumer As Creator: Exploring The Creation Of Custom Products At Scale

PSFK's Future Of Manufacturing report explores implementing versatility into the production line