best of 2015

Technology Best of 2015: Glasses Protect from Face Recognition

AVG reveals eyewear to protect your identity from facial recognition programs

Design Best of 2015: Pizza Hut Projector Delivers Pizza and Movie Nights

Pizza Hut Hong Kong allows customers to scan the pizza box for exclusive films

Technology Best of 2015: Wristband Houses Inflatable That Drags You to Safety

Kingii is the first convenient, lifesaving, wearable tech

Advertising Best of 2015: Covert Pepper Grinder Shut Downs Electronics During Dinner Time

Dolmio's Pepper Hacker lets you turn off technology with a twist of the wrist

Innovation Best of 2015: Pornhub is Becoming an Innovative Sex Tech Hub

We talked to Pornhub VP Corey Price about the company's latest device, the TwerkingButt, and how the site is diversifying to become a hub for innovation

Home Best of 2015: With Space Travel More Accessible, Adult Film Stars Eye Sex Tape in Space

Pornhub is crowdfunding $3.4 million so that it's Sexploration program can take off

Work Best of 2015: Trouble Will Be None the Wiser to a Cute Owl Security Camera

Your sneaky surveillance footage—delivered via live stream or GIF—can now come from an adorable and IFTTT-compatible device, the Ulo

Technology Best of 2015: Hearing Aid Connects Wirelessly with Apple Watch

Starkey Hearing Technologies Apple Watch-connected, wireless hearing tech will let those with hearing loss go about their day stigma-free

Advertising Best of 2015: Starbucks Gives the Frappuccino Its Yummy Due with Zany GIFs

Starbucks created 21 GIFs for a summer campaign of 'subtle' branding

Design Best of 2015: Brace Yourselves for Nike Self-Lacing Shoes

A look at how former Art Director at Wieden+Kennedy, Max Erdenberger, teased a Nike Mag release