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Hotels, Hospitality & Travel A New Bicycle Parking Garage In The Netherlands Is The Largest In The World

Bike parking in Utrecht is such an issue, this massive garage might not be big enough

Design Bicycle Commuter Suit Bag Won’t Wrinkle Clothes

The Wingman rolls up to hold a business suit, dress, or shirts and keep them free of creases.

Retail Levi’s Launches Commuter Collection At A Paris Bicycle Boutique

A launch party at Bicycle Store featured the specialized apparel line for urban cyclists set against the existing bikes and parts.

Home Is New York's Bike-Share Plan A Game-Changer? [Headlines]

Ken Podziba, president and CEO of Bike New York, shares his opinion on the city's new bike-share program.

Innovation Borrow And Ride At The Bicycle Library

Inside a converted double-decker bus in London, people can browse, test, borrow and buy bicycles.

Design Leveraged Freedom Chair For Disabled Persons In Developing Countries

MIT's Mobility Lab has been working to design a device that improves conditions for people with disabilities living in developing nations.

Work Bicycle Commuting in Portland and Copenhagen

Bicycle commuting is growing in popularity in major cities across the globe. Portland's Create-a-Commuter program is the first project in the United States that provides low-income adults with commuter bicycles, equipped with lights, a lock, a helmet, a pump, tool kits, maps, and rain gear.