bicycle design

Design Bicycle Designed Without Pedals Helps Children Develop Coordination

The ZumZum Bike helps kids learn important balancing and coordination skills in a safe and fun way

Design Collapsible Helmet Provides Fashion, Function and Brand Heritage

The classic Brooks England bicycle brand teams up with Carrera to design a fashionable bike helmet

Home Flat-Pack Bicycle Ships With Its Own Tools [Video]

'Sandwichbike' is an IKEA-like alternative to bike building and shipping that can be assembled at home.

Work Hack Turns Bike Into Air Filtering Machine For Beijing [Video]

Artist Matt Hope is on a mission to combat the city's pollution with a bike that cleans the air and sends it to a mask worn by the cyclist.

Luxury Gucci Carbon Fiber Bike

High-fashion and biking royalty team up to create a luxury 11-speed bicycle for the wealthy urban cyclist.

Design Chain-Free Bicycle Simplifies Riding [Video]

The Bicymple is a bike without a chain that is connected by a straight frame, and can be steered from the rear or the front, perfect for riders making tight turns and twists.

Design Wear This Bicycle Like A Harness To 'Scoot' Along

'Fliz' is a reimagined bike design that looks like a cross between running and cycling.

Design Bike With No Chain Or Pedals Can Reach Speeds Of 50MPH Using Gravity

Jeff Tiedeken's bike is built for going downhill at high speeds and has a low profile with the seat right over the rear wheel.

Design Faraday Retro-Styled Bike Is Actually Battery Powered

The e-bike features batteries hidden in its frame and built-in sensors that measure how hard you’re working and adjust the power.

Design Cargo Bike Offers Extra Storage For Urban Cyclists [Pics]

The Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser is lightweight and has great hauling capacity for carrying stuff around the city.

Design Aerodynamic Bicycle Shaves 1.6 Seconds Off Per Mile

The Cervelo P5 was modified to create the least drag possible, with lower handlebars, internal hydraulic brakes cables, and a tapered rear edge to the seat.

Innovation Deconstructed Bicycle Can Link Into Giant Tandem Chain [Pics]

The Twist Bike by Jose Hurtado allows components to be removed for storage or added to create one long bicycle.

Work Juri Zaech's 'Write A Bike' Turns Frames Into Names [Pics]

The Paris-based designer has a unique way of personalizing your ride.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel 3 Innovative Hybrid Baby Stroller Designs

We’ve noticed a few product innovations recently that help parents on the move.