Delivery & Logistics Automated Manufacturing Enables Local Bike Production For Netherlands Brand

Mokumono Bicycles uses a style of manufacturing that combines automation and robotics to streamline the process and reduce the need for foreign production

Loyalty & Membership How Dockless Bike Sharing Is Changing City Transit

New bike-sharing services eliminate the inconvenience of finding an open drop-off station, making cycling an even more appealing option for urban dwellers

Lyft Wants To Improve Baltimore Transportation With Bike Sharing

The transportation service is sponsoring five bike share stations across the city

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Uber Launches Drop-Anywhere Bike Rentals In San Francisco

Uber is partnering with Jump Bikes, an electric bike share, to add a bicycle rental option to its app

Design Connected Bike Light Alerts Emergency Services If There Is An Accident

This magnetic light attaches to the back of a bicycle helmet and functions as a brake and turn signal

Design Apartment Designed For Cycling Enthusiasts

This apartment complex in Sweden makes life easier for cyclists who do not wish to own a car

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Titanium Folding Bicycle Can Fit Inside A Suitcase

The Burke 20 can fold down to a portable size without needing any extra tools

Design Electric Bicycle Can Hold 400 Pounds Of Cargo And Fit In The Back Of A Van

The Tern GSD allows a rider to store their bicycle in the back of their vehicle by making it easy to remove the seat and the handlebars

Retail A New Bicycle Parking Garage In The Netherlands Is The Largest In The World

Bike parking in Utrecht is such an issue, this massive garage might not be big enough

Fitness & Sport Bike-Powered Elevator Takes Commuting To The Next Level

The Vycle operates similarly to an ordinary bicycle, but allows the rider to go up flights of a building instead of taking an elevator

Entertainment Electronic Band Kraftwerk Collaborate To Create The Ultimate Techno Bike

Canyon Bicycles works with German band Kraftwerk to produce a limited-edition electronic bicycle to pay homage to the group

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Subscription Service Lets Cyclists Swap Their Bike When It Breaks

A new bicycle service in the Netherlands keeps cyclists going, replacing a stolen or damaged bike within 12 hours

Advertising Chinese Bike Share Launches Partnership For Air-Purifying Bicycles

Bike-sharing company ofo is hoping that the bicycles can help alleviate pollution issues in large cities

Design Smart Bicycle Bell Beams Through Car Radios

A radio-enabled bicycle bell alerts drivers to share the road, helping bikers travel safely