Innovation Device Displays the CO2 Footprint of Factories

BIG's Steam Ring Generator would puff out a steam circle for every ton of CO2 generated by the Waste-to-Energy power plant in Copenhagen

Design Paris Plans Massive Green Roofed City Suburb [Pics]

The Danish firm revealed its plans for Europa City, a hybrid of cultural, leisure, retail and residential space.

Design The Complete Guide To Green Architecture [Pics]

Art publishing powerhouse Taschen releases the second edition in their popular book series.

Design Graffiti Artist Paints Bridge To Look Like A Giant LEGO Structure

An eye-catching street art made to look like large toy building blocks.

Advertising Giant Tourism Vending Machine Dispenses Bikes, Surfboards & Kayaks [Video]

To promote British Columbia as a travel destination, its tourism board installed an over-sized device selling sporting gear in San Francisco.

Home Apartment Towers Inspired By The Hashtag [Pics]

Bjarke Ingels Group’s latest plan interlocks two bridges between two vertical towers, creating above ground park space.

Innovation The Next Big Tech Thing Has Already Been Done [Headlines]

People in the tech industry are always hunting for the next big thing but Bill Buxton of Microsoft says it's probably right under their noses.