Big Brother

Technology Microsoft Kinect Could Soon Tell How Many Viewers Are In Front Of The TV

The tech giant files for a patent that has netizens concerned about their privacy.

Advertising Mall Info Kiosk Recommends Targeted Shops Using Facial & Body Scanning

New technology in information booths has shoppers worried that they may be giving up more information than they would like to.

Technology UK Surveillance Society Seeks To Enlist ISP Assistance

British Government moves to restore police power to access citizen's Internet browsing data

Innovation Intelligent Trash Bins To Enforce Recycling

In Cleveland, Ohio, 25,000 households per year will be provided with sensor-equipped receptacles that passively detect how frequently residents bring recycling to the curb.

Work A Security System For Your iPhone

The Big Brother app monitors unusual activity on your smartphone.

Technology England's Football Coach To Use Hi-Tech TVs To Spy On Players

Fabio Capello plans to use "big brother" technology to keep his players in line.

Technology Internet Eyes: Video Surveillance as Video Game

Internet Eyes is an online service that opens up access to closed-circuit cameras to the public, awarding cash prizes up to £1,000 each month to the users who catch the most crooks.