Design This Bioplastic Food Wrapper Is Meant To Be Eaten

The eco-friendly packaging is made out of high-quality seaweed that can simply be dissolved in water or be eaten after use

Fashion & Apparel Wasteful Gases Turn Into Fully Functional Clothing

Mango Materials converts methane into a wearable material that breaks back down to methane to start the process all over again

Design Series Of Biodegradable Household Objects Calls Out Consumer Waste

The project aims to raise awareness of the impact of tossing disposable products after using them once

Food & Beverage This Biodegradable Cardboard Grill Can Be Used Once, Then Tossed

The CasusGrill is designed to be an environmentally friendly, single-use way to cook your food

Automotive Future Car Tires Might Be 3D Printed, Airless And Biodegradable

Michelin explores how biomimetics might reinvent a critical automotive component

Retail Jelly-Like Water Bottle Orbs Are One Step Closer To Hitting Store Shelves

This gelatinous water bottle Ooho! ups the ante by reducing plastic waste through edible and flavorful water packaging

Home Houseplants Redesigned Into Everyday Objects

The products from designer Beth Esponnette are meant to bring more natural materials into the home

Advertising Thinx Is Rethinking Tampon Packaging

The brand has found a new way to celebrate female anatomy

Home Fallen Leaves Repurposed Into A Functional Chair

Designer Šimon Kern has made biodegradable seats out of leaves and resin

Design Biodegradable Furniture Made From Pine Needles Could Be The Next Phase Of Sustainable Living

Premiering at Dutch Design Week 2016, the collection fully utilizes an often wasted material

Fashion & Apparel Adidas Unveils Performance Shoes Made From Synthetic Spider Silk

The Futurecraft Biofabric prototype has an upper made of 100 percent Biosteel fiber

Food & Beverage Milk Proteins Could Be The Packaging Material Of The Future

A newly discovered casein-based alternative is biodegradable, sustainable and even edible

Design Store Your Food In A Container Made From Cow's Milk

The plastic used to create these vessels is 100 percent biodegradable

Automotive Eco-Friendly Racing Car Made From Cannabis Hemp

Carbon-negative cars may be possible in the near future with the help of this company