Cafe & Restaurant Customers Paid For Healthy Food With Recyclables At Pop-Up Cafe

The Rubbish Cafe in London raised awareness about the wastefulness of single-use plastics

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Indian Startup Fights Pollution By Upcycling Rotting Temple Flowers

Collecting the discarded religious flower petals, Help Us Green intends to curb river pollution by using the plants to make incense

Advertising 5 Winning Strategies In Sustainable Packaging

From making products smaller to investing in flexible packets that easily separate for recycling, here are five sustainable packaging strategies

Food & Beverage These Edible Straws Will Make Your Cold Brew More Sustainable

Edible and compostable straws from Loliware look to cut down on plastic waste

Design This Biodegradable Plastic Bottle Is Made Out Of Waste

The VeganBottle is looking to cut down on our plastic waste by creating containers out of vegetable products

Packaging & Product Engagement This Bioplastic Food Wrapper Is Meant To Be Eaten

The eco-friendly packaging is made out of high-quality seaweed that can simply be dissolved in water or be eaten after use

Fashion & Apparel Wasteful Gases Turn Into Fully Functional Clothing

Mango Materials converts methane into a wearable material that breaks back down to methane to start the process all over again

Delivery & Logistics Vegan Fast Food Delivery Comes In Reusable Jars

Tyme packs tasty vegan meals into beautiful, colorful layers and takes its packaging back to be reused

Syndicated This Device Turns Kitchen Waste Into Compost

The Taihi bin uses a Japanese fermentation process called bokashi to breakdown biodegradable materials and produce compost

Shopper Marketing & Promotion This Biodegradable Cardboard Grill Can Be Used Once, Then Tossed

The CasusGrill is designed to be an environmentally friendly, single-use way to cook your food

Automotive Future Car Tires Might Be 3D Printed, Airless And Biodegradable

Michelin explores how biomimetics might reinvent a critical automotive component

Technology Urn Helps Turn Memorial Into New Life

A smart incubator and biodegradable urn will help people connect with deceased loved ones in a sustainable way

Retail Seagrass Packaging Keeps Food Fresh And Reduces Waste

The sustainable material is biodegradable and has antibacterial properties

Home Houseplants Redesigned Into Everyday Objects

The products from designer Beth Esponnette are meant to bring more natural materials into the home