Advertising IKEA Is Opening A Sustainable Retail Concept In London

The store in Greenwich will not only sell their normal goods, but also launch sustainability efforts in the local community

Experimental Restaurant Where Insects Feed On Tears

The Centre for Genomic Gastronomy is working on an experimental diner that delves into the culinary properties of human tears

Syndicated Mapping All 600,000 Trees in New York City

From silver maples to English oak, a web developer has plotted the location of trees from 168 different species across the city’s five boroughs, revealing a strong tree stewardship

Food Stand Travels the World to Explore Tastes by Region

LOCI food lab tests "food futures" by testing tastes in individual regions

Design Massive Living Wall Covers Hotel To Reduce City Flooding [Pics]

Taking up an entire facade of the Rubens at the Palace hotel in London, the 21-meter living wall is the largest of its type in the city.

Syndicated Could A Tree Provide All Of The World's Energy Needs?

Israeli biotech firm says it has modified eucalyptus trees so they could displace the fossil fuel industry.

Syndicated Could Secrets Of The Sea Change Medicine, Economy

Science could harness genetic secrets of newly discovered microbial life – but there are fears of ecosystem damage.

Design A First Look Into Frank Gehry's New 'Biomuseum' [Pics]

Award-winning architect creates a biodiversity museum in Panama.

Innovation Why We Can't Ignore Large-Scale Farming In Favor Of Local [Headlines]

WWF senior vice president Jason Clay argues we need both local and large-scale farms to produce enough food for the growing population and sustain biodiversity.

Retail Gourmet Tortilla Brand Attempts To Save Endangered Heritage Corn

Restaurant chain targets food connoisseurs to save native Mexican crop varieties.

Advertising Singapore Aims To Be A City In A Garden

Less than a year before Singapore's Gardens by the Bay project opens, the National Parks Board remarkably announces its environmentally-conscious vision to expand green space all over the country over the next 10 years.

Technology WMMNA: Worms Dance In Light Of A Microscope At Genomics Awards

Régine Debatty gives us a look into the Designers and Artists 4 Genomics Awards in The Netherlands. A stand out project was 'Microscopic Opera' that showed lab worms dancing under a microscope.

Seed Sharing Savviness On The Rise

Green community activism and public libraries collaborate to enhance public horticultural literacy and community engagement.

Home Why Are Seed Banks So Important?

A battle over land rights in Russia highlights why these storehouses of agricultural materials and knowledge are valuable.