Brand Activation & Immersion Tokyo Restaurant 3D Prints Sushi Personalized To Guests' Nutritional Needs

A restaurant called Sushi Singularity is slated to open in Japan's capital city in 2020, using analysis of customers' saliva and more to 3D print sushi personalized to their body's needs

Shopper Education & Assistance AI-Enabled Algorithm Uses Biometrics To Customize Travelers' Vacations

A hotel chain created a smartphone app that curates personalized trips for customers after they've conducted a biometric-capturing quiz, taking personalization to a new level and paring down options to provide optimal results

Design PSFK Launches Latest Future Of Health Report

PSFK’s latest Future of Health report explores how the role of data in healthcare has evolved from a static into a living profile that grows with patients

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services MasterCard Is Testing Bank Cards With Biometric Fingerprint Sensors

The payment provider is forgoing traditional PIN numbers and developing cards with built-in fingerprint scanners

Technology Ride Gets Faster Or Slower Depending On How Scared You Are

The Neurotransmitter 3000 sets its motion according to a person's heart rate, body temperature, and more

Advertising Biometric Devices Are Making Their Way Into Major League Baseball

The approval of a device called WHOOP will give fans a new way of understanding the games they watch

Retail Pay For Drinks Using Only A Finger

A bar in London has added a finger scanner giving patrons the opportunity to buy drinks using their biometric info

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Australia Wants To Replace Passports With Facial Recognition

Visitors to the country will be able to walk straight to baggage claim without having to show documents

Design Intel Creates a Biometric Dress that Shifts Shapes

When this dress senses adrenaline, it mimics the fight-or-flight response

Technology Locks for the Modern Age Read Your Fingerprints

All you need is your unique fingerprint to unlock this padlock

Home A Biometric Padlock That Doesn’t Need Keys

You can open the iFingerLock with your fingerprint alone

Luxury 12 Things You Need to Know Today

JetBlue is finally launching Wifi, public Wi-Fi comes to Harlem, and Norway's public library is putting all its books online for free.

Luxury 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Pinterest announces promoted pins, how the homeless are living on bitcoins and more.

Innovation Fingerprints Used As Student Currency

PayTango uses biometric technology to allow customers to pay.