biometric authentication

Automotive Bentley Adapts Biometric Authentication Tech For An SUV Storage Lock

With the touch of a fingerprint, Bentley owners and their family members can securely store their valuables in the vehicle

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services 6 Innovation Strategies For Retail Banking

PSFK’s Digital Banking Playbook with Microsoft defines strategies for retail banks to become more efficient, trustworthy and effective

Retail Visa Tests A New Secure Card That Verifies Your Fingerprint

Visa is exploring biometric authentication with sensors attached to debit and credit cards

Design Samsung Wants People To Uncover Forgotten Passwords With Their Palm

The electronics company is moving forward with a patent for a palm scanner designed to helps phone users remember their password

Technology Biometric Security Technology Is Turning To Human Sweat

Goodbye facial recognition and fingerprint authentication—your sweat might be the key to your phone's security

Design This Earphone Device Can Authenticate The Wearer's Identity

This new type of biometric identification from NEC Corporation provides a way to verify a wearer's identity by their inner ear shape

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services MasterCard Is Testing Bank Cards With Biometric Fingerprint Sensors

The payment provider is forgoing traditional PIN numbers and developing cards with built-in fingerprint scanners

Partner Content Mobile's Transformation into the Most Secure Purchase Platform

Merchants are taking a new look at user identification and developing seamless ways of authentication