Food & Beverage Sports Fans Can Skip Lines And Buy Beer Using Their Thumbprints

Seattle stadiums are teaming with Clear, a biometrics company, to help sports fans get their concession faster and enjoy the game more

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services How Improving Identity Authentication Optimizes Customer Experiences

Utilizing new technologies from facial and voice recognition to connected jewelry, companies can better secure data while making it easier for users to access

Delivery & Logistics Delivering Frictionless Journeys Across The Travel Industry

Travel brands are introducing seamless services that offload logistics and help travelers through each step of their journey

Health Medical ATMs Let People Easily Buy Health Insurance In India

Max Bupa Health Insurance is marketing its health insurance to consumers with special machines that connect customers to the right plans

Technology Biometric Security Technology Is Turning To Human Sweat

Goodbye facial recognition and fingerprint authentication—your sweat might be the key to your phone's security

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Delta Wants Fingerprints To Replace Boarding Passes

The airline is piloting a program that replaces boarding passes with finger scanning

Retail This Biometric Ring Could Replace Passwords, Credit Cards And Keys

The Token is a wearable that can replace a fingerprint for a wide range of security applications

Advertising JetBlue's Facial Recognition Provides Paperless Boarding

The airline's program will require only a quick photo match to board your flight

Retail This Automated Vending Machine Is Trying To Compete With Amazon GO

The kiosk developed by entrepreneur Tom Murn allows shoppers to take out and inspect items before purchasing

Health India Is Issuing All Senior Citizens A Biometric Health Card

The cards contain the cardholder's medical details and other information on a biometrics database

Syndicated Biometric Recognition At Airports Could Raise Serious Privacy Concerns

The plan would involve 90% of passengers being processed through Australian immigration without human involvement

Consumer Goods Modern Mood Ring Tracks Your Feeling Through Biometrics

Moodmetric will change color based on the signals given off by the wearers body

Technology This Smart Bra From MIT Could Improve Women's Health

A sensor-filled wearable provides real-time feedback on a woman's heart

Fitness & Sport How Olympic Athletes Visualize Their Performances With Biometric Sensors

GE strapped LED biosensors to gymnasts, runners, cyclists and more to capture their precise movements