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Innovation Changing the Way We Walk the Earth for a Cleaner Future

The average sneaker takes 65 years to decompose; designer Ammo Liao uses advanced processes to create more sustainable footwear

Work Reflective Bike "Whiskers" Create Personal Cycling Lanes

Safety device for cyclists take design inspiration from mice squeezing through tiny holes.

Innovation NASA Crowdsources Designs For New Space Suits [Pics]

Cast your vote on how you want the Z-2 Spacesuit to look.

Work Vodka-Powered System Can Send A Text Message [Video]

Chemical transmissions could transmit data where wireless signals don't work.

Design The Buildings Of The Future Are Designed By Nature [Video]

Eric Corey Freed of organicARCHITECT believes in the necessity of looking towards the natural world to solve our environmental and design problems.

Design Self-Filling Water Bottle Draws Moisture From The Air

Deckard Sorensen has created a bottle that can fill itself using droplets of liquid from the atmosphere around it.

Innovation Hurley Releases Biomimicry Boardshorts With Matching Nike Sneakers

Two sports brands come together to produce a collection for an international surfing event.

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How biomimicry can make computing systems faster and better.

Innovation Self-Healing Plastic Repairs Itself When Exposed To Light

Researchers at the American Chemical Society introduced a material that mimics human blood cells.

Home A Micro-Environment For Power Naps At Work

European design house explores biomimicry with an unusual "soothing cave-like" napping pillow.

Technology Rapid Response Mesh Wi-Fi Clouds Could Augment Disaster Aid

Swarming micro air vehicles may be the natural disaster recovery agents of the future.