Automotive Bentley Has Crafted A Vehicle Specifically For Falconry Expeditions

The Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner features a master flight station and a refreshment case for the luxury hobbyist

Home Pilot A Bionic Bird with Your Phone

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... the best of both!

Technology Robotic Birds of Prey to Patrol the Skies

A Dutch organization wants to scare off avian pests using remote-controlled falcons and eagles

Design Archival Bird Recordings Inform Abstract 3D Animations

Artist Andy Thomas creates visualizations inspired by the mouths of aves

Design 'Printer' Uses Bird Waste As Ink [Video]

Modular aviary uses bird poo to create a unique form of typography.

Home Hand-Painted Flipbooks Turn Animated Birds Into Home Decor [Video]

Artist Juan Fontanive creates wall-mounted flipbook machines filled with drawings, paintings and collages of birds.

Advertising Malaysia Holds First 3D Printed Fashion Show [Video]

Fashion design and technology come together for a never-seen-before event.

Advertising BERG Cuckoo Clock Sings When Owners Tweet [Video]

The creative agency creates a timekeeper in collaboration with Twitter.

Innovation Indie Mag Had Real Birds Tweet On Twitter

Creative director Voldemars Dudums covered a keyboard with unsalted fat so the hungry birds triggered the keys to create their own tweets.

Video Filmmaker Mounts Cameras Onto Birds To Shoot His Film [Video]

John Downer attached tiny, lightweight HD cameras onto different avian species to see what it's really like to fly.

Design Flying Pigeons Transformed Into Colorful Works Of Art [Gallery]

Colorfully dyed birds are spotted flying over city streets during the Venice Biennale.

Work Vegan Taxidermy: A Mash-Up Of Art And Environmentalism

Berkley-based artist, Aimée Baldwin challenges our established notion of the relationship between consumerism, commodity fetishism, and nature.

Design Kinetic Sculptures Powered By Squirrels And Birds

Ingenious design uses friendly neighborhood animals to drive moving artworks.

Design (Pics) A Bird Town In Brooklyn

A unique public arts installation is devoted to nature.