Advertising Facebook Has Launched A Version Of Messenger For Children

A new messaging app on the social platform creates an age-appropriate environment for kids to chat, after approval from their parents

Features How Did Email Grow Into a Global Epidemic?

A brief history of electronic messages, from the Queen’s first mail to the triumph of spam

Design Revive the Beloved BBM Platform on Your Smartwatch

Blackberry hopes to reinvigorate their messaging system by syncing with Android wearables

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Starbucks is ready to deliver come 2015, scientists invent a mind-reading tool and Blackberry gets inspired by Snapchat

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Lyft caters to deaf drivers, Ohio embraces Major League Gaming and IBM aims to make Watson smarter

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Square Stand becomes more widely available as 8% of US adults get their news via Twitter.

Luxury 14 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google dominates headlines with new and improved Glass as Plus attempts to be your go-to photo site.

Advertising 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

BlackBerry acquired for $4.7 billion, Uniqlo to clothe Syrians and China to relax web censorship.

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Mobile retail apps on the rise, online privacy ignored in the UK and more holographic rappers to come...links to start your day with.

Design Fast Phone Promises Films In Minutes And Songs In Seconds

Chinese hardware company shows off a handset that it states can download movies and songs in record time.

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Bloomberg wants to ban styrofoam, Buffet buys Heinz and Blackberry's cofounder sells shares...links to start your day with.

Retail Why The Blackberry 10 Launch Says More About Apps Than Phones

The gadget's debut shows that having Angry Birds, Skype, and more, on their devices is almost more important than the device itself.

Features Can Blackberry Win Back Its Lost Customers With A New Smartphone?

Research in Motion launches new BB10 software and handsets to win back business from Apple and Samsung

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Facebook teams up with Walmart, new Blackberry planned for launch, and Instagram data is now Facebook data...Links to start your day with.