Fashion & Apparel DTC Charitable Clothing Brand Asks Customers To Shop Blind

Two Blind Brothers is an online apparel retailer that raises funds for retinal eye disease research, launching a successful campaign that required shoppers to purchase blindly with no knowledge of their merchandise assortment

Automotive Vibrations Help The Blind Sense Scenery Outside Car Windows

Ford developed experimental technology to improve the mobility experience for the visually impaired

Fashion & Apparel Tactile Clothing Helps The Visually Impaired Choose Outfits

The pieces from Balini Naidoo are made to make dressing up easier for the blind

Design Arcade Game Challenges Players To Drive Using Just Their Hearing

Blind Drive represents a new type of game design, asking players to navigate the world using only their ears

Technology Tablet Makes Visual Information Tactile For The Visually Impaired

Researchers in Switzerland have come up with a tablet with magnetic pins for users to feel where they are on a map and where they need to go

Design Computer Vision Reads Out Objects For The Blind

The Aipoly app is designed to assist those visually impaired navigate and better interact with the world around them

Technology Fingertip Cameras May Help The Blind Read Without Braille

HandSight is a translation system that works for printed materials and digital screens alike

Advertising Coca-Cola Cans Designed for the Blind

Agency Anonimo worked with the brand to create versions of the 'Share a Coke' cans for the visually impaired

Technology A Global Network Of Eyes Gives Sight To the Blind

Be My Eyes app uses active video-chat to connect volunteers and the visually-impaired

Home Shapes Translated Into Sounds Help The Blind See

Synaesthesia has a very practical use for one Dutch engineer.

Innovation Contact Lens Creates Braille-Like Sensations On The Eye To Help The Blind See

Researchers at Bar Ilan University have created a prototype contact lens that can relay images to the user directly on their eye.

Work 3D-Printing Enables The Blind To Experience Outer Space Through Touch

Scientists have converted 2D Hubble space images into tactile models, allowing the blind to feel the stars with their hands.

Advertising Campaign For The Blind Swaps Guide Dogs For Alternative Animals [Video]

An ad for the Norwegian Association of the Blind envisions a time when guide dogs are replaced by wildlife like moose, geese, and goats.

Technology Sensor Kit Allows Blind Cyclists To Ride Independently

Visually impaired people can now cycle safely with the UltraBike unit.