Food & Beverage Rice Krispie Treats Provide 10-Second Messages For Auditory Learners

The brand is allowing for greater inclusivity by providing braille stickers and recordable audio boxes for people who are vision-impaired

Design Inclusive Typeface Combines Braille With The Visual Alphabet

Braille Neue allows sighted and non-sighted people to read the same typeface, doing away with the need for multiple iterations of the same information

Technology Braille Literacy Tool Helps The Visually Impaired Learn Independently

The Read Read exposes students to braille with a tactile board and audio pronunciation so they can learn on their own

These Toy Bricks Help Blind Children Learn To Read

Braille Bricks were created as a tool to encourage creativity and learning

Technology Sunglasses Designed To Help The Blind See

New technology by a blind software developer at Microsoft could improve lives

Innovation Bat Sonar Device Helps the Visually Impaired to Navigate

Students and professors collaborate to design an aid that can be worn like a watch

Design Japanese Cartographers Create Printable 3D Maps for the Blind

The Geospatial Information Authority (GSI) of Japan is developing the technology to create low-cost, topographical maps

Advertising 3D Eye-Popping Ads Aimed at Battling Banner Ad Blindness

Norwegian company Cxense introduces stunning solution to combat banner ad fatigue

Innovation Free App for Visually Impaired to Navigate

SightCompass helps blind navigate anywhere from stores to living rooms

Video Video Camera Glasses Partially Restore Vision To The Blind

This device provides information about surroundings to help people navigate everyday obstacles.

Technology Facebook App Simulates The Private Experience Of Being Blind

Looking at the world through rose-colored glasses is not something everyone can exercise.

Advertising Contact Lens Turns The Human Eye Into a Telescope

Researchers have created a potential solution to prevent the leading cause of blindness in adults.

Gaming & Play Bionic Eye Could Give Vision To The Blind

Monash University is developing a technology that could allow the blind to recognize different objects and colors.

Work Installation Mimics What It's Like To Be Blind In Times Square & Central Park

'Dialogue in the Dark' forces viewers to surrender their sight for an hour and take a trip to models of famous NYC landmarks to raise awareness for the visually impaired.