Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Female-Only Social Network Supports Solo Travelers

She Roams Solo is a community where members can connect with one another and trade tips and experiences, with the aim of empowering women to travel alone

Design Instantly Turn A Tumblr Page Into A VR Art Gallery

This simple web tool converts a blog into an immersive VR space

Technology Google Autocomplete Suggestions Captured As Pensive Poems

Internet users fears, hopes, and fantasies are the material for this search engine-inspired poetry.

Technology Fashion Blog Follows The Style Of 83-Year-Old Man [Pics]

What Ali Wore is a down-to-earth street style site that follows the outfits of one elderly gentleman.

Advertising Major News Organizations Adopt Live Blogging As New Format

The medium gets 300% more views than traditional online articles as people in offices like to read 'bite-sized nuggets' for breaking news stories.

Work Photographer Recreates Film Scenes Using DIY Images In Real Locations [Pics]

A New York amateur photographer recreates film scenes with grainy, self-printed, black and white images.

Retail 13 Stories You Need To Know

The cast of West Wing performing in political ads, whether beer exposed to an atomic bomb is drinkable, and a Broadway show by Poise on menopause...Links to start your day with.

Advertising Coca-Cola Collaborates With Celebs To Design New Tumblr Themes

Beverage company hopes to attract younger consumers with custom-designed blog templates.

Technology Nine-Year-Old's Blog Takes A Frank Look At School Lunches

Martha Payne from Scotland posts photos, reviews and ratings of what she eats at school.

Innovation Blogger Makes A Dress From Creative Materials Each Day For A Year [Pics]

Arts and craft enthusiast creates a unique fashion piece daily.

Design Hipster Couple Teaches New Yorkers The DIY Aesthetic

A new website, The Poor Porker shows New Yorkers how to turn trash into treasure when you're on a tight budget.

Advertising Museum Reveals Keith Haring's Journal On Tumblr One Page At A Time

The sketches and thoughts of the well-known street artist are published online to build buzz about the current NYC exhibit.

Will CNN Buy Mashable? [Headlines]

Rumors suggest that the Warner unit is about to buy social-media blog Mashable - maybe for as much as $200m.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel New Site Lets You Look Inside Other People's Luggage [Pics]

I Am Packed is a voyeuristic blog that mixes travel tips with photo sharing.