Advertising TV’s New Role In Our Living Rooms [Infographic]

What the future holds for smart TVs and other forms of curated content at home.

Home App Turns Your RSS Feeds Into Mini Audio Books For Later Listening

SoundGecko lets you listen to the blogs you like rather than read them, transcribing the text into an audio file that you can access on your computer or mobile device.

Design Speaking Sculpture Charts The Mood Of The Online Population [Video]

'Headache' speaks out and displays uncensored text from blogs and social networking profiles in real-time to demonstrate how people are feeling.

Hugh MacLeod: The Blogging Survivors Are The Ones With Something To Say [Headlines]

Creative maverick gives an overview of the history of the self-publishing phenomenon.

Technology Outdoor Clothing Brand Stages A (Blog) Race To Win Special Edition Parka

Penfield partners with select blogs on a content-based scavenger hunt to win a one-of-a-kind Summit jacket.

Technology Jux Introduces Blogging 3.0

Jux is an eye-catching new blog platform that aims to best its predecessors like Tumblr, Wordpress, and all the rest.

Advertising Blogging Still Preferred As The Way To Express Ourselves Online

Twitter and Facebook, may be the leading social media platforms for sharing snippets of information, but blogs remains popular for expressing more complex thoughts.

The Internet of Things' Top 100 Thinkers [Headlines]

A list of the the top 100 blogs to follow by The Internet of Things.

Innovation Pose 2.0: Fashion Hauls Meet Crowdsourcing

The latest retail app uses your social graph and gets major brands on board.

Technology New Site Prompts Readers To Reevaluate Their Internet Behavior

A new "user-driven" blog attempts to restore online etiquette while commenting on the underlying biases in American pop culture and infotainment.

The School of Life's Minibar For The Mind

The London-based school has created a thought provoking package of ideas for the Morgans Hotel Group.

Technology Random Lo-Res Pics From The Web Become Oil Paintings

Artist uses throw-away photos uploaded on the web as inspiration for his artworks.

Advertising Tracing The Evolution Of The Blog [Infographic]

From early online diaries to the modern micro-blog, a fascinating look at the changing face of the web.

Technology Daily Beast Turns To Old Media

What's the value in a website turning to print media?