Fashion & Apparel Under Armour's Next-Gen Performance Apparel Boosts Wearers' Oxygen Delivery

The athletic apparel retailer's latest gear moves beyond moisture wicking and into heat capturing to dilate wearers' blood vessels with bioceramic technology, improving performance, sleep and recovery

Health Start-Up Uses DNA Test To Provide Customers With Personalized Nutrition

Habit's custom nutrition advice aims to help people improve their health and lifestyles using genetic testing, taking into account individuals' metabolism, sensitivities and more to create tailored profiles

Cafe & Restaurant Interview: Making Your Meal Work For Your Biology

Habit's Chief Innovation Officer Heather Cutter sat down with PSFK to explain how her company is using specific biological data to make diet suggestions

Retail Medical ATMs Let People Easily Buy Health Insurance In India

Max Bupa Health Insurance is marketing its health insurance to consumers with special machines that connect customers to the right plans

Design Ear-Monitoring Device Acts As A First Line Of Defense For Astronauts

The Canaria ear piece could monitor astronauts in space consistently throughout their mission

Technology This At-Home Blood Test Is Trying To Open The Floodgates To The Coveted 'Quantified Self'

Thriva is a home blood test that lets people track a range of internal blood markers associated with good or bad health

Design Fitbit Wants To Shine A Light On Sleep Apnea

Fitbit is creating a wearable, worn while asleep, that detects whether or not someone has sleep apnea

Health Re-Tooling The Smartphone For Healthcare

Senosis' apps use your phone's sensors to check pulmonary function and hemoglobin counts

Technology Color-Changing Tattoos Can Monitor Health Without A Wearable

DermalAbyss is exploring the possibility of using special inks to monitor medical conditions

Design Contact Lens Helps Diabetic Patients Check Their Blood Sugar

The device being developed at Oregon State University can inform the wearer if their blood sugar is beginning to run low

Health How AI And The Internet Of Things Are Transforming The Doctor's Office

Forward is a startup looking to redefine how people interact with their healthcare providers

Work Blood-Powered Lamp for the Environmentally Mindful

A few drops of blood may light the way for a greener tomorrow

Advertising Blood Donation Poster Charges Phones & Asks For Help "Charging" Bodies [Video]

Publicis Sao Paulo created an ad that draws a parallel between the need to constantly re-power our mobile devices and the human body.

Could A Blood Test Predict When You Will Die?

Four specific biomarkers have been linked to death within the next five years.