Design Sustainable Sneaker Made From Algae

Vivobarefoot designed the Ultra III using algae gathered from fresh water sources

Technology Sculptural Pavilion is Crafted from Curved 3D-Printed Blocks

Bloom, a curvy place for meditation, just happens to have been 3D printed

Design 3D-Printed Flower Lamp 'Blooms' To Release More Light [Pics]

A creative lighting feature mimics nature.

Gaming & Play Interactive Sculpture Lets Viewers Play With The Design [Video]

Bloom is a social installation that celebrates the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

Design Origami Pills Bloom In Water [Video]

Design student rethinks the way we take medicine and its packaging to make the process more pleasant.

Design Responsive Architecture Interacts With The Environment

Bloom is a sun-tracking instrument made out of a smart thermobimetal, which curls when heated to create various shapes based on weather conditions.

Technology Twitter Feeds Expressed As Living Cells

All of a users social network updates are visualized with an iPad app that displays them as biological cells and particles.

Advertising TV Ads To Play From The Shelves Of The Supermarket [Video]

Mini screens can promote products and track shopper's in-store movements.

Technology Offers Map View Of Geo-Coded Photos

Using Instagram API, new application presents a new, non-linear display for geo-coded photo-sharing.

Design Bloom: The Discovery Loop Of Data Visualization

Game design inspiration enables broader interaction with the online services that make up a digitally distributed life.