Advertising Oscar Hit Gets Remade In Virtual Reality

The film Arrival is giving fans the 360 experience to coincide with a Blu-ray home release

Analysis What It Really Means To Win Best In Show At CES 2014

The winners of the venerable trade show often reflect mistaken predictions about how the market will move.

Design IKEA TV Plays YouTube Videos, Comes With Built-In Blu-Ray Player [Headlines]

Uppleva will be introduced in Europe next month, featuring ~20 apps that include video and music playback. Prices will start around $960 and screen size will range from 24 in to 46 in.

Technology Walmart Will Transfer Your Movie Library To The Cloud [Headlines]

The mega store is offering a disc-to-digital service in order to grow its brand.

Sony To Launch Internet-Based TV Service? [Headlines]

The electronics manufacturer approached media companies about content deals.

Retail Fruit-Shaped Device Helps Control TV With The iPhone

Peel has created an all-in-one TV, DVR and social media management system that allows users to channel surf, record and share from handheld devices.

Innovation Sony's New Laser Could Lead To A Dramatic Increase In Disk Storage Space

Blu-rays may soon be obsolete with the development of a new technology.

Retail Wal-Mart Acquires Video Streaming Service VUDU

Retail giant Wal-Mart agreed on Monday to purchase VUDU, a streaming movie rental service.