BMW Guggenheim Lab

Design 13 Storied You Need To Know Today

Prisons let computers decide who gets parole, and Google will start showing friends your reviews.

Innovation Top Ten Urban Trends From BMW Guggenheim Lab

These trends show the most talked about ideas collected from two years of projects and workshops in NYC, Berlin and Mumbai.

Advertising Why Pop-Up Spaces Unite Talent [My Ideal City]

PSFK chats with Adam Katz of Imprint Projects, about how pop-up culture is impacting urban development.

Home Online Game Demonstrates Where Urban Dwellers Seek Privacy In Cities

BMW Guggenheim Lab's Public/Private creates unique visual graphs of where people think they are alone.

Technology Crowdsourced Map Tells Cyclists What Are Really The Best City Bike Routes

'Dynamic Connections' is a map of information and routes in Berlin, created by cyclists for cyclists.

Luxury BMW Converts East Village Building Into Urban Curiosity Hub

New York City hosts the first stop on a six-year long around the world tour.

Innovation BMW Guggenheim Lab: A Mobile, Urban Forum

A special symposium that will travel to global cities to involve their citizens in addressing issues affecting their life.