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Advertising Werther's Celebrated National Caramel Day With A Real-Life Candy Land

The brand partnered with Hasbro to create an interactive pop-up based on the famous board game in honor of a confectionary holiday

Delivery & Logistics This Board Game Wants To Shift Cultural Norms In Pakistan

In 'Arranged!,' players try to avoid an unwanted marriage

Entertainment Hasbro Has Created A Subscription Service For Board Games

The toy brand launched a new board game subscription service that gives people access to three different board games every three months

Austerity Board Game Satires Classic Monopoly

Anti-capitalism board game lets players race to the bottom

Design New Space-Saving Game Boards Combine Art and Entertainment

Picture-frame game boards allow easy play, fast storage and attractive decoration

Work Monopoly Redesign Focuses On Sustainability And Collaboration

A collaborative art group has created an alternative version of the popular boardgame that encourages users to share and help each other.

Gaming & Play Facebook Board Game Brings Social Media To The Real-World

Facebook: The Board Game by graphic designer Pat C. Klein is designed to get people to interact with each other in person.

New Risk Game Boards Let Players Conquer New York [Pics]

Kickstarter project updates classic board game so players can create their own custom battlefields.

Technology Disney Prototypes Interactive Light Books & Games [Video]

HideOut uses a mobile projector to enable seamless interaction between the digital and physical world.

Home Internet's Cat Obsession Takes Over Monopoly

The game's new token confirms the web's collective love of felines.

Luxury Take A Tour Inside Louis Vuitton's Luxury Game Case [Video]

This surreal trip inside a game case features graphic compositions featuring the many board games that the fashion retailer offers.

Design Tiny Video Game Cubes Provide Hours Of Interactive, Intelligent Fun

Sifteo, the gaming company launches its signature product - Sifteo Cubes, allowing users to play custom games on 1.5-inch blocks.

Advertising Board Games Becoming Popular Amongst Chinese Youth

Board games are becoming popular again for youth in China.