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Design Classic Rock Songs Transformed Into Infographics [Pics]

Viktor Hertz designed a series of minimalist posters for musicians including The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

Technology Old Fax Machines And Scanners Play Bob Dylan's 'The Times They Are A Changin' [Video]

Instead of an orchestra playing the artist’s famous song, old hardware is used for the 'Scrapheap Symphony.'

Advertising Critical Mob: 4 New Ideas In Music

Read new album reviews for Dylan's Tempest and Love This Giant, check out an exclusive interview with music critic and culture guru, Brandon Stosuy, and a look back at the life of Nico.

Advertising Listen To Bob Dylan's New Album By Visiting One Of 100 Locations Around The World

Interactive campaign allows fans to listen to music tracks for free at specific spots that are important to the artist's personal history.

Weiwei's China: Why Bob Dylan Didn't Make A Fuss On Tour

Bob Dylan didn't mention Ai Weiwei or gripe about not being allowed to play two of his songs in Beijing. But then, he was never really political, was he? The Guardian

Gaming & Play Predictive Search With Google Instant

The company unveils a new offering that could change the way users find brands online.