Bombay Sapphire

Brand Activation & Immersion How Beverage Brands Are Extending Their Reach With AR Complementary Pairings

From AR-activated wine bottle labels that provide video content to complementary tasting guides that enhance customers' enjoyment of their drink, beverage brands are finding creative ways to connect with their consumers in the post-purchase phase

Advertising Five Artists Rethink Classic Holiday Party Flavors

Gin brand Bombay Sapphire asked designers to put a unique spin on the holiday tradition

Design Plugin Replaces Banner Ads With Fine Art

BBDO and Bombay Sapphire's new campaign replaces boring advertisements with the work of emerging artists

Advertising Citrus Pouches Keep Drinkers’ Fingers Juice-Free [Pics]

Designed by Nendo, the Lime Pocket is a silicone holder for lemon and lime.

Luxury Bombay Sapphire Packaging Lights Up When Touched

Webb deVlam has created the special pack for the gin brand with an electroluminescent illustration by Yehrin Tong.

Home Ed Cotton: Why Brands Need Places Of Origin

Stressing physical space in a digital world, Bombay Sapphire will soon have a Home of the Imagination to give it somewhere to 'be from.'

Retail Bombay Sapphire's 'Bar Bag' Inspired By Antique Medical Kits

This collaboration between luxury gin brand and Barking Irons comes complete with high end tools for cocktail making.

Advertising The Making Of Bombay Sapphire Imagination Installation [Headlines]

Imagination Installation is a vast three dimensional piece meticulously crafted using more than 75,000 sparking crystals that took more than 2,500 hours to put together.

Design Projection Mapping With Bombay Sapphire On The Banks Of The Thames [Video]

The 'Project Your Imagination' competition winner inspired a 3D projection on the Battersea Power Station.