Technology Musical Robots Form Automated Heavy Metal Band [Video]

The members of Compressorhead are built to play real instruments, covering classic tunes on stage just like humans.

Design Delicate Flowers Made From Rodent Bones

Artist explores on life and death through sculptures made out of animal bones.

Work Public Boneyard Calls Attention To Ongoing Genocides [Pics]

A handcrafted mass grave was set up at the National Mall in the country's capital.

Innovation Scientists Grow Test Tube Bones

Bonus BioGroup has found a way to manufacture human bones from live fat cells, which can be used for bone grafts and joint replacements.

Design Fracture Cast Concept Lets You Track Your Healing Process

An innovative concept case created by a graduate student from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design helps monitor the healing progress of its user.

Innovation DIY Anatomy Enters New Territory With 3D Printed Bones

Rapid prototyping has no bones about bringing biology into the age of digital duplicability.

Technology Human Bones Successfully Grown In The Lab

Scientists at Columbia University have successfully grown human bones from stem cells in a lab.