Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket LG Self-Driving Carts Aim To Save Grocery Shoppers Time And Energy

The electronics retailer's robotic shopping companion not only eliminates the need for shoppers to push or carry their grocery carts, but even rings up their items as they shop, allowing customers to skip the lines and check out immediately

Design MIT's Bot Can Tell What Ingredients Are In Your Food Just By Looking At It

Pic2Recipe can analyze a photo to tell cooks not only the components but a suggestion of how to make it

Home Let This Small Automated Bot Do All The Weeding In Your Garden

The creator of the Roomba has invented a solar-powered, weatherproof robot gardener to help remove unwanted plants

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Western Union Facebook Bot Makes Mobile Money Transfers Easier

The payment company has created a bot system to help people transfer and receive money on their mobile devices

Work Security Drones Reimagined As Friendly Helpers

Designer Yves Béhar created the concept design for schools, offices, hospitals, data centers, museums and warehouses

Work HP's Bot Lets Workers Print Directly From Slack

Hewlett Packard's chat bot integration means fast, convenient printing for all

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Language App Bot Simulates Real Conversations

Duolingo's latest app feature bots lets users test their language skills in A.I. fueled conversations to help them practice pressure-free

Food & Beverage Foursquare's New Bot Helps You Discover Interesting Places

By frequently visiting your favorite places to eat, Marsbot learns what you like and tells you about locations you haven't gone to yet around your city

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Let A Facebook Messenger Bot Be Your Travel Guide

Flamyngo is a chatbot that will be help you navigate any city you wish, providing directions and recommendations

Work Enterprise Assistants Will Redefine Work Culture

PSFK’s Future of Work Report explores streamlining business processes to future-proof the workplace

Gaming & Play AI Learns From Your Every Move In This Horror Video Game

Hello Neighbor is an upcoming PC adventure whose antagonist gets more cunning after every move the player makes in order to protect his secret basement

Advertising Can’t Sleep? This Insomnia Bot Will Help You Get Through The Night

Mattress company Casper has developed the insomnobot-3000 to help occupy people's minds on sleepless evenings

Registering To Vote Is Now Just A Text Away

A new bot aims to mobilize underrepresented groups this election season through SMS and Facebook Messenger

Food & Beverage Someone Invented A Robot Just To Serve Trays Of Beef Jerky

Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz, in partnership with Chef's Cut Real Jerky, creates an automated snack delivery system