Loyalty & Membership 4 Key Strategies For Brands To Optimize Business Operations With Chatbots

Chatbots will allow businesses to cut costs, conserve resources and more efficiently meet today's consumer expectations for on-demand and personalized service

Advertising Domino's Dom Juan Helped U.K. Tinder Users Pick Up Valentine's Dates

By swiping right on Dom Juan, users got a string of cheesy pick-up lines to try on Valentine's Day

Food & Beverage Order Your Next Round Of Drinks From A Chatbot

This Pepsi chatbot accepted drink orders from event attendees and notified them when they were ready

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Swedish Banks Roll Out Bots To Help Customers Complete Transactions

The AI service agents are built to sound like women, since research suggests that customers prefer female voices

Beauty Estée Lauder Is Combining Chatbots With Augmented Reality

The cosmetics brand partnered with ModiFace to create a bot that lets customers see how makeup will look on their actual face before buying

Retail This Service Will Make A Custom Chatbot For Small Businesses

Two companies teamed up to make it affordable for small businesses to quickly make a Facebook chatbot program to assist their customers

Technology This Bot Will Tell You If You Have Sex Appeal

What is your mystery factor? SKYN Voice Analyzer will read your voice and tell you how much appeal you have

Brands Are Cooling Down When It Comes To Chatbots

After disappointing performance results from chatbots, many brands are rethinking their use of AI to connect with customers

Startup Wants To Build An Autonomous Community Of Social Bots

The messaging bots curate content based on user preferences’ and can combine apps for multiple services

Work PSFK's Workplace Vision: Leave The Busywork To The Bots

Our Future of Work vision is an artificially intelligent helper that frees workers from the administrative to-dos that have dogged them for too long

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services This Peer-To-Peer Insurance Company Is Powered By Bots

Lemonade is a new product designed to lighten the paperwork and provide instant, helpful service when needed

Retail Lowe's Is Launching Its Own Line Of Retail Robots

The home improvement chain brings service AI to its California branches

Health Chatbots Are Getting Lessons In Empathy From A Machine

Koko emulates human-like responses to make AI interactions more fluid and productive

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services American Express Is The First Financial Institution To Create A Facebook Bot

The company designed an Amex AI to help customers easily keep track of their expenses