bottle design

Design Ancient Techniques Blend with Modern Hydration in Zahota Bag

Accessory applies modern design to the ancient bota bag wineskin, combining functionality with a traditional aesthetic

Design Bottle Humidifier Designed for Ultimate Utility and Aesthetic

Elevenplus's new product operates as a functional item while taking on the look of an art object

Design Distillery Enlists Army Of Bees To Decorate Their Whiskey Bottle [Video]

To promote the launch of its Highlander Honey whiskey, Dewar's placed 80,000 insects inside a vessel shaped like a bottle to create a 3D honeycomb.

Advertising Limited Edition Andy Warhol Perrier Bottles

The four unique label designs were inspired by the artist's vibrant screen prints made in the 1980s.

Design Hotels Sell Local Water In Yves Behar Designed Bottle

Whole World Water project encourages hotels to filter water on site.

Advertising Pepsi Unveils New Branding

The new bottle shape has a twisted grip at the bottom, a shorter neck, and a smaller label with greater focus on the logo.

Design David Lynch Redesigns Champagne Bottle For Dom Pérignon

The film director collaborates with the brand to create limited-edition bottles called 'The Power of Creation'.

Design Perrier-Jouet Redesigns Champagne Bottle After 100 Years

The Belle Epoque bottles hadn't changed since 1902 but have now been updated with a floral design by Japanese artist Makoto Azuma.

Design Shepard Fairey Designs Wine Label For Drew Barrymore's New Vintage [Pics]

The street artist designed the graphic for the actress's first wine, a Pinot Grigio from Italy exclusively imported by Wilson Daniels.

Design Absolut Vis10ns At The Fringe In Dublin [Pics]

10 original artists create unique artworks out of 8ft tall bottles.

Advertising Copenhagen From Carlsberg

New packaging and a new beer from Carlsberg targets a young, design-conscious crowd.