bottle opener

Food & Beverage This Bottle Opener Will DM Your Friends Each Time You Use It

BOx uses traditional design and a smart chip to change the way the bottle opener works

Design Flat Steel Tools For Everyday Use [Pics]

Tuls is a collection of compact tools shaped and sized like credit cards.

Design Spoil-Free Corkscrew Opens Wine Bottles Without Removing The Cork [Video]

A new way to pour wine that can keep a bottle fresh for years.

Advertising Beer-Opener Flash Drive Holds Rock Band's Latest Album

Queens of the Stone Age have released their new musical offering on a flash drive that includes additional content.

Luxury Titanium Ring Unfolds Like A Swiss Army Knife [Pics]

The Man Ring is a luxury piece of jewelry that hides an assortment of useful tools including a bottle opener, a saw and a comb.

Innovation 'Swiss Army' iPhone Case

Only 3mm thick, and made of aerospace-grade composite materials, the cover holds a screwdriver, bottle opener, knife and more.

Advertising Open A Beer Bottle With This Magazine Ad [Video]

Carlsberg created a full-page print advert that could be folded up to create a bottle opener for their beer.

Design Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer

Kaufmann Mercantile offers a product that opens screw top bottles and can hermetically seal them again.

Work (Pic) Wearable Bottle Opener Ring

Dustin Wallace created a stylish tool to make bartending easier.